Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to earn cash easily by filling up survery forms.

If you live in USA or Canada, you are lucky because you have a chance to earn extra money as high as $50 or more per day by just filling up surveys, and the good thing is it's FREE to sign up. Just read on to know all about it.

So why do some websites pay you for a survey? Well, websites pay because online surveys are funded by giant companies, that uses the informations from you, to be used as a tool in determining their approach in making strategy for promoting their products.

So first, in order to start, you need to sign up for a survey site and honestly (If you're a boy, you don't want to have a survey about lingerie or something do you?) fill up the needed information (I have provided some below) to be able to be part of the program. After signing up, you will receive the survey form via your email address provided. Only few survey forms will be sent to you every day (sometimes none at all), and you will be paid $4-$50 per form completed depending on the nature of the survey and website you signed up to. You can complete a single form in less than 30 minutes but you should fill them up honestly.

So how will you attain that "$50 or more per day" I'm talking about? Sign up to as many site as you can. I provided the programs I joined below to help you choose the good survey programs available. And thats all I really did to have that extra cash I am earning now.

Here are the paid surveys I've signed up to which pay good money per survey:

1.) Quickrewards

2.) Paidsurveysunli
3.) Surveyscout
4.) Paidsurvey

Here are the survey site where you only need to answer a single question and have a chance to WIN GREAT PRIZES!
I've already won $500 as of now (Not bad for just 5 clicks or so to have a chance to win great prices):)

1.) FordChevy
2.) Mac or Pc
3.) JcPenney
4.) Chocnot
5.) PolParty
6.) Golfclubs
7.) Vsneiman
8.) Harley
9.) Win Landrover
10.) Win1yearlunch

Here is a site which gives instant money ($15) if you have a phone. You only need to register your number. And you will receive $5 a month for being part of the research. Plus you can download some free rigntone as a bonus for being part of the research.

1.) Freeringtone

I hope this blog helped you have what I am already enjoying now.